Saturday, November 26, 2011

A craft...brought to you by Instagram.

I have a new favorite is the instagram app on my iphone.  I loooooove it.  I also love the craft my Suz, Lil, and I made the other day (inspired by: THIS)  We had a BLAST adapting this idea and creating it together.  :)

click to see larger...if you so desire ;)
Step by step, we made these adorable advent calendars that will be filled with yummy goodness for the littles to enjoy each day of December!

Captions for the photos in order left to right, row by row.
1.  Print randomly fonted numbers on Christmas cardstock scrapbook paper.
2.  Use the lovely 2" hole punch to make the circles.  We decided to have our numbers NOT centered.
3.  The circles!!!  Ready to be mod podged.
4.  Seriously, who doesn't love a girl who loves mod podge. :)
5.  Paint those suckers with mod podge and stick them in the lids of the tins...
6.  The tins!!!  Finished and ready to be magnetized!
7.  I used magnetic tape and stuck them on an old chalkboard that the kiddos play with.  I love it!
8.  And VOILA!  Our homemade advent calendar!
9.  My Christmas cactus is already in bloom.  He must be excited. ;)



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Unknown said...

This came out so cute!!

Jen Eye said...

That is soooo cute

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