Wednesday, January 16, 2013


the love project

Meet Prickle.  :)  He is Michael's new cactus.  He earned Prickle by happily getting ready for school each day for six days.  Every morning, after he was completely dressed, he would shade in one letter of the word CACTUS.  Once all of the letters were shaded in, we could go pick out a cactus!

What I love most about this whole thing is that Michael chose the cactus as his reward.  Not candy, not a video game...a cactus.  ;)  Love him!

He immediately wanted to draw a picture of Prickle. :)

I love the writing uphill and backwards when he runs out of room!  I do need to work on correcting that though...

Completely unrelated to Prickle but equally as cute...Michael had to bring in dinosaur fact to share with his class.  I love love love his illustration.  :)

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smfries420 said...

So so so adorable!!!!