Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am just getting around to downloading photos of my sweet girl's first ballet recital.  It was really more of a showcase than a recital.  There weren't any costumes.  It wasn't held in an auditorium.  It was just a little glimpse into their sweet dance class.  The girls have quickly become good friends.  They love each other so class and out!

the ladies patiently waiting for their turn

Performance time!  (With their teacher Miss Lauren)
I am so sad this one is blurry!  She was so into it!!! 
Take a bow girls!

Trying to get a group shot. :)

Instead, we ended up with a group hug!


She loves to dance...and watch herself doing it!

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smfries420 said...

Love it! They are do adorable! Lovin' the legwarmers!