Monday, February 6, 2012

Wonderful weekend

We just had a whirlwind of a wonderful weekend!

We had a fabulous dinner Friday night at the Woodberry Kitchen with Mark and Kerri.  There was even champagne on the menu!!  :)

Nanmom, Kerri, and I had a lovely spot of tea at Tea on the Tiber Saturday.  If you haven't been...GO.  And if you need someone to go with you, call me.  It is AWESOME. 

My cup of Darjeeling Tea...yes, that is a lump of sugar. :)

The are to work your way from the bottom up.  

These yummies are from our savories tier.  LOVE the beet hearts.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with family and friends...doing what we love to do and be together.
Shadow play

Jumping Jacks ;)

Mommy and Ryleigh

A little iPad time...

Arts and Crafts...a daily staple.

Mick and I recorded the Superbowl so we could watch it together after the kiddos were in bed.  I made two yummy Weight Watchers recipes for our munchies and we were both so impressed!  The recipes can be found HERE and HERE.  As I mentioned before, one of the words I have chosen to focus on this year is "transform."  The first transformation we are putting our effort into is weight loss.  Mick and I have lost a combined total of almost 25 lbs!  We are very excited, motivated, and becoming slightly obsessed!  Hope this trend continues!!!!  :)

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