Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This and and there...:)

Come onnnnnn SPRING!  We are so ready over here...sick of getting sick, want to go out and play, ready to feel warmth again!  We have been doing our best to lure spring out of hiding.  :)

We spend lots of time birdwatching.  The littles and I LOVE it. 

Luckily, we have had several mild days recently!  We play outside every day...and have even ventured over to our favorite place, the Howard County Conservancy.  :) 


the barn

We even found a few signs of spring...

Having a little fun!

Ry got a little tired...she skipped her nap that day.  ;)

We also did some indoor planting!  I have been wanting to do terrariums with the kiddos for a while.  This week, we did it!

Little touches for each kiddo...a pig and a monster truck ;)

And sometimes, we just walk the runway for a little bit of fun.  ;)

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Jordyn said...

That first picture is so very sweet!