Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life Tuesday!!! :)

Hooray!  It's Project Life Tuesday again.  I find myself looking forward to it each week!  This week, I did some things a little differently than I usually do.  I decided to try a few new things to see if I like them.  Some I did, some I didn't...check it out!

First page from this week highlights some of the activities we have been doing to prepare for Valentine's Day.  I used some Valentine's Day cardstock I picked up at Michael's recently.  I have to say...it's just not me.  I am going to keep it...but I won't do anything like this again.  I feel like it is too scrapbooky...less simple than I like.  That is why Project Life is so perfect for me.  I love the simplicity of it. :)

The second page from this week is much more...me. :)  I decided to highlight my lovely tea time from Saturday.  I only had Instagrams, so I had to be creative. :)  I used some of the cobalt 12x12 paper for this page.  I also used the date stickers for minor embellishment.

I wanted to include all of the Instagrams I have taken this week...so I created a collage in Picasa again.  LOVE that.  I just wish I could change the font of the title. ;)  I decided to incorporate a way to include a caption for a few of the photos, so I used the number stickers from the Project Life kit and typed up a little guide in Photoshop.  I wanted them to be side by side, so I also included a super cute snapshot of Michael on the other side of the 5x7 sleeve! 

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{C} said...

VERY CUTE Instagram collage! I need to remember that! I am with you on the simplicity of sticking with the core elements. I strayed last year and those were the pages that took the longest and that I liked the least. Who knew?

kristina proffitt said...

Love your pages and those super cute instagrams! Love how you incorporated it all! Great job! :)

Kimmy said...

this is a very creative way to use instagrams... I like them all on the same page like that... very cute. ~ kimmy

Susanne said...

how do you print out your instagram pictures that square size? i don't have photo shop--maybe that's my problem. i usually send mine to shutterfly or snapfish. will they print that size? sorry--i'm so un-technical! :)

Unknown said...

The instagram collage is super cool, just love that!

I can see what you mean about the scrapbook paper versus the other pages you did. Personally I think the scrappy side is just adorable but when I see it to your other work it is a very different style and looks quite different. Good for you, branching out and trying something new.

Julie said...

Very nice! Love the superman picture & your page of instagrams is awesome! Thanks for sharing!