Thursday, February 2, 2012


For Christmas, my sweet mom got me the Silhouette Cameo.  I was doing so many fun projects with the kiddos and for myself, that I thought this neato paper cutting machine would come in quite handy...and it has!  I am loving it so far!  At first, I was just playing around with it...trying to get a feel for what it was capable of.  I made 2012 signs {seen HERE} and some Valentine's Day garland {seen HERE}.  Once I figured out how to adequately clean scrape the cutting mat, I was ready to go!

This week, the kiddos and I made some Valentine's Day crafts.  We have really loved the possibilities we have discovered!!!  :)  I made a sign for the ol' mantel and Michael and Ry made some decor for the house.  Enjoy!

For the mantel.  :)

I love Ry's face here.  When she uses a glue stick, she makes a "ch-ch-ch" sound effect.  So cute.  :)

Even boys like doilies and hearts for Valentine's Day.  ;)

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