Friday, November 18, 2011

This and that...

This and that.  Perfect title to a blog post about, well, just stuff.  Stuff I don't want to forget.  And since is the ONLY memory keeping I do these days, here is the best place for it! 

As Michael's birthday week comes to an end, I need to share the few snapshots I took the actual night of his birthday.  Yummy ravioli (one of his faves) and delicious Thomas cupcakes (another fave).  Perfecto!

I love how you can see my little Train Engineer in the background!

I made those cupcake toppers, btw.  They are super easy.  Especially if you are the proud owner of these thingys...I have them in all shapes and sizes.  I LOVE them.  I keep them in my BRAND SPANKIN NEW CRAFT CART!  I am sooooo excited about this!!! My friend and neighbor, Kim, gave me this wonderful gift this week as a thank you for taking her family's photos.   Not only is the cart super cute and handy, but the drawers were filled when she gave it to me.  Filled and labeled.  I kid you not.  I.was.speechless.

I keep my cute punches in the top drawer.  The one that is labeled "scissors/punches."   Amazing, right?  :)

Lastly, a quick shot of the littles playing with one of M3's new birthday gifts.  They love it!!

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Suzanne said...

Holy Crap! The craft cart looks AWESOME!!!!