Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crafts and Drafts...November :)

Oh what fun we had at Crafts and Drafts...the November edition!  I was inspired by this awesome blog post
by one of my all time favorite bloggers.  The gals and I had a great time hanging out and making our latest creations!

Let's start with our newest Crafts and Drafts friend!  Hello Miss K!

The set of plates I found at a local thrift shop...PERFECT for this craft!

They were actually stained glass!

The only step involved!  Paint with chalkboard paint!

The necessary supplies.  ;)

My final product on display! (yes, that is an outlet over my mantel)

Love it!  It can be changed with each use...menus, greetings, decoration...the possibilities are endless!


Suzanne said...


Unknown said...

OMG! I love this! I'm gonna make this with my crafting girls! Love the Thanksgiving pennant too! You are so crafty! :)

P Taylor said...

LOVE IT!!! Always a fun time...great conversation...adorable craft...and wonderful memories with friends. LOVE the girls of North Bali!

Jen Eye said...

That's awesome!

Shannon said...

Love it!