Thursday, August 25, 2011

Puddle Practice

Well, it appears as if we may get an actual hurricane this weekend!  If not the wind, then still lots and lots of rain. At our house, that means puddle jumping!  Michael had looooved jumping in puddles for years now and Ry is following right in his foot steps...or foot jumps!  As my dear wise father once told me, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  Can't think of a better time to do just that!  Yes, torrential down pours have their negatives.  BUT, they also make puddle jumping quite fun!  (we have also been watching quite a bit of Peppa Pig lately, in which they puddle jump and use the word "quite" so do we.) 

In honor of our impending storm, the kiddos and I went out today to practice!  Poor Michael.  Same boots, third year in a row.  He has a hard time getting them off now.  Oops.  Gotta get him some new boots!

I had some fun with these....made the photos super vibrant and put them in super fun frames!  

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