Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HoDge pOdGe

Whew!  We have had a very busy weekend!  We did so many fun family activities, and of course, I had my camera along (yes, cameras..plural...my point and shoot and my DSLR).  Our weekend started with our first ever yard sale.  We sold almost everything we put out!  It was awesome!  Good bye baby/puppy supplies!  The rest of the weekend was spent outdoors hiking, exploring, and crafting. :)  Fun fun!

The littles and I made coffee filter butterflies...and evidently, I was HILARIOUS.

How cute!?

 Our family hike...at where else?  The Howard County Conservancy! 
snack break!

My little man...who is just growing up way to fast...at one of our new favorite spots, Kinder Park!


Shannon said...

I ADORE these pics - especially the laughing ones :) So cute!!!!!!!! <3

Suzanne said...

the laughing pictures is a treasure!!!! Love the ones of Michael...he looks super old.