Monday, May 23, 2011

the battle of the birds

I am brand spanking new to the whole bird-feeder-community.  I have been wanting birdfeeders for awhile...inspired by my mom and sister...who have paved the way flawlessly!  Their yards are always filled with birdfeeders and lovely birds eating away.  Soooo, this year, my mom and sister each got me a hook and feeder for my birthday.  Well, it has been almost a week...and NO BIRDS.  :(  I thought I would try to lure them to the feeders with old fashioned pinecone feeders...and it was a super fun activity for the kiddos as well! 

We started with peanut butter and a pine cone...

...then added the bird seed.


Ryleigh was VERY into it.

So was big brother.

Silly face...but so proud.  :)

Off to hang it on the tree!

Ryleigh had a hard time letting go.  ;)
They were so excited! 


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Shannon said...

So adorable! Love all the projects and the kids are too cute!!!