Monday, May 2, 2011


This week, my little girl will be twenty months old.  HOW?  It feels like just yesterday this little one surprised me by coming slightly early!!  She continues to amaze us everyday!  A little glimpse:

~She is talking like crazy!  She puts 2, 3, and even 4 words together.  Often about her brother.  :)
~My littlest loves to snuggle in "Mommy's Bed" with a binky and her beloved piggy blanket.
~"Wawa and Bootsh" continues to be a favorite.  (aka Dora and Boots;))
~Ry LIVES to play outside.  You can often find her at the door chanting "side, side, side"
~She loves to play with playdoh, sidewalk chalk, and the sand table.  All of which become a snack at some point.

Here are some of my lovely little lady in an adorable outfit given to her from her Nanmom.  How beautiful!?
(click on the photos to see them in all their glory)


Valeria said...

She so sweet, great sequence you have, love how clear they are.
Enjoy every second because goes by so fast, you know that.

Suzanne said...

she looks so grown up, I cannot stand it!!

make it free said...

nice! i have already follow you... =). follow back if u want..