Monday, May 16, 2011

16 on 16

I recently read about a really neat idea on a blog somewhere...I just can't remember where.  Anyhoo...the blogger puts up a collage of 12 photos on the 12th of each month.  Well, I missed the 12th.  AND I have soooo many photos from May that I haven't put up yet.  So, I thought I would do 16 photos on the 16th.  Hence, 16 on 16.  Enjoy!

 So far this month, we have been extremely busy!  We have enjoyed 3 birthday parties, 3 Mother's Day celebrations (including the one at favorite day ever), a carnival, may flowers, trips to the park, and (of course) playtime with our dear neighbors.  Hooray!!


Valeria said...

really like your collage. nicely done. the kids look so happy. great memories

Shannon said...

Love love love love
Love love love love
Love love love love
Love love love love!
Yep...that about sums it all up!

Suzanne said...

very cute. I wish I could make it bigger when I click on it!