Friday, April 22, 2011

howard county conservancy

I am in absolute LOVE with this place.  It is an outside-lover's paradise!  There is so much beauty to see, so many places to hike around, and there are even a few animals...and it's FREE!  I also do MANY photoshoots there.  And it never disappoints.  I was supposed to have 3 shoots there this weekend (stupid rain), so thie kids and I went on Tuesday to scope out some good places for pictures.  We had a blast!

my little adventurer!

love this one

the old barn is always an attraction

i love love love the old barn doors

Little miss just outside the chicken coops...enjoying a nice break!

Ahhh another one I love...

Michael is teaching Ryleigh to say "tadpole"...that pond is FULL of them!

I think he might be trying to count the tadpoles at this point.  :)

He is so excited to say hi to the baby frogs!

Too bad Ry wasn't in a smiling mood...look at this place!!!

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