Friday, April 8, 2011

fabulous friday { the return...again ;) }

Ahhh Sophie.  I am willing to bet that most mommies and daddies who owns one of these things will tell you...Sophie rocks.  My Ryleigh is 19 months old...and she STILL uses Sophie to teethe.  Best.teether.ever.

sweet sophie
she has certainly seen better days
and here's why :)

We have been eating on the deck every nice evening...and loving it!  They chat!

I am always so proud of my plants...who knew pansies came back every year?

(fingers crossed) I can't wait to see the flower boxes on the deck full of blooms!

We are 19 months!!!  Neighbor "twins"...born 2 hours apart.  :)


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Unknown said...

I have never even heard of Sophie. If/when I ever get pregnant I want you to make me a list of all the fab things I don't know about but won't be able to live without. I am so jealous of your knowledge and your adorable little ones!