Sunday, March 27, 2011


For my Simple Things Entry this week...I am also sharing something for which I am truly thankful...that my little girl LOVES playing outside.  Her big brother is happiest when outdoors, and truly so am I.  I am just sooo relieved that my little lady has embraced exploring everything nature has to offer!  Her favorite thing so far?  PUDDLES.  Remind you of anyone?  ;)

Sandy hands, love it!

She loves seeing her boots in the puddles.


The guilty look that followed that splash.  :)

My girl loooooves to slide!
Pretty purples near the slide.  :)


Lesa said...

New to your blog, such a happy place.

I love that you let her play in the mud. Perfect!

Shannon said...


Suzanne said...

super cute!

Unknown said...

Such sweetness!

Kara @ June & Bear said...

My little gal is a big fan of mud puddles too. Cute, cute photos.

Valeria said...

So sweet little flower :)