Friday, March 4, 2011

fabulous friday {the return}

Joy of Love kinda put Fabulous Friday on hold for a bit.  But we are BACK!  The kids and I had a BLAST making Mickey's birthday card this year!  I set up the old tripod and seamless paper and we created a photobooth type card, inspired by yet another one of my favorite blogs (see below).  I have been so excited to share this!!

Click to see it larger if you want.  :)

HERE is the link to the blog post that inspired the project.  

And here is her super cute fan blinkie!


Suzanne said...

FANTASTIC!!!! You're so darn creative!

allison:) said...

Thanks...but you did see that I go the idea from someone else, right?! ;)

Kim said...

This is awesome! What a great present!

Shannon said...

AWesome! Love it :)

Julie said...

This is great!! You will cherish these photos forever, what a great idea. You did a great job, not an easy doing self-portraits, let alone having kids in them :)