Monday, February 28, 2011

simple as that | february

Here is the Wist family month in photos!

I love these shots!  What are they? Starting upper left...moving clockwise...

1.  Michael is moving his nametag at school!  Seriously, how cute?
2.  Ryleigh chasing bubbles...they were a BIG hit this month.
3.  Michael and Jackson in their "clubhouse". 
4.  Michael ready to go to his Valentine's Day Party at school!
5.  Mommy and Ryleigh in the foam pit at gymnastics.

I got this amazing idea and download at one of my favorite blogs...Simple As That. Check it out!


Shannon said...

I say the same thing over and over again...but there is no other way to express it...LOVE!!!!

Suzanne said...

seriously love the one of you and Rydee! Love them all.

rebecca said...

Oh, I love your collage...such cute pictures! Thanks forvsharing! :) rebecca