Tuesday, February 1, 2011

joy | day 1 | part 2

After Ryleigh's nap, I took pictures of her doing what she loves to do...jump on Michael's bed.  Everyday.  All day.  That's all she wants to do.  :)

And of course, now that I am a storyboard addict...I made one!


Suzanne said...

oh my goodness....the one of the two of them jumping together is my absolute FAVORITE!!! I need it. Thanks!

Amy G. said...

I love this! Beautiful images and layout!

Jeannette Chirinos said...

this images are beautiful, and the light is great!!
I have not done my homework yet from >Joy of Love<

Jodie said...

Allison, would you mind emailing me the Joy html code for blogger? I can't figure out how to lift it.
Love your blog. Your photos are beautiful!
discoverdigital123@gmail dot com

Amy said...