Tuesday, February 15, 2011

joy | days 12 & 13

We have had QUITE a busy few days!  I am soo behind and am trying to catch up.  So...here we go!

Day 12

Today's assignment was to focus on your loved one's eyes.  My children were both lucky enough to inherit my husband's gorgeous eyes.  They are so dark, you can hardly tell where the brown begins. Such soulful eyes are a beautiful beautiful thing.  Here is my baby girl, just casually drinking her milk, and she shoots me a look that nearly knocks me over.  And I get to look into these eyes...all day long...no matter who I look at in my home.  Lucky me.  :)

Day 13

Hooray!  Day 13 is all about routine routine routine.  Well, I am so excited about a NEW routine we are following around here!  Every Monday, Ryleigh and I get to go to her FIRST gymnastics class. At her first visit, she really loved MOST of it.  All except the trampoline...which is soooo funny to me because her FAVORITE activity at home is jumping in her crib or on Michael's bed. She really loved hanging on the bar...but her favorite part was looking in the mirror and making faces!  Hilarious!


Suzanne said...

I cannot stand it! The gymnastic pictures are to die for! LOVE!

Shannon said...

Love love love! The one of her making a face in the mirror *sigh* I am so in love :)