Thursday, February 3, 2011

joy | day 2

Day 2 of Joy of Love is all about how your loved ones look.  Well, I decided to do my own little spin on this prompt so that I could not only incorporate it in JofL but also my Project Life.

I love Project Life by Becky HigginsPhotobucket

Day two's post is how Michael "looks" every 2 weeks.  My poor son inherited his mom and dad's rotten ears.  He has ear infections pretty much constantly.  The sad part is, I think the infections are such a regular part of his life that he doesn't even complain about them so we never know when he has one.  He is constantly at the ENT for follow up appointments and then the Doctor finds another.  Michael had tubes put in the time last year, and they are on their way out.  So...looks like we will be headed in the OR for round 2 sometime soon.  Here is my brave little man...scared to the chair...waiting for the doctor who looks in his ears every two weeks.  :(

(Taken with my Droid)

Another post starring my little man and his dad...coming later today!  Can't wait.


Suzanne said...

oh my goodness....he looks ADORABLE! Such a trooper.

Gail said...

We had to do tubes x2 too. Sucks, but they do bounce back from that procedure really quickly.