Monday, February 28, 2011

simple as that | february

Here is the Wist family month in photos!

I love these shots!  What are they? Starting upper left...moving clockwise...

1.  Michael is moving his nametag at school!  Seriously, how cute?
2.  Ryleigh chasing bubbles...they were a BIG hit this month.
3.  Michael and Jackson in their "clubhouse". 
4.  Michael ready to go to his Valentine's Day Party at school!
5.  Mommy and Ryleigh in the foam pit at gymnastics.

I got this amazing idea and download at one of my favorite blogs...Simple As That. Check it out!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

joy | day 27

We have been enjoying this wonderful weather so much lately!  Ryleigh and I went outside after nap today with our dear neighbors and had a blast blowing bubbles!  She loves saying "BUBBLES"!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

joy | michael

During littlest's nap today, Michael and I had a great time making ice cream with his playdoh.  He was very excited to make cones for his two favorites...Guy and Other Guy.  Yup.  Those are their names.  Guy and Other Guy.  The best.  :)

Guy and Other Guy enjoying their ice cream treats!
The proud papa!

Monday, February 21, 2011

joy | day 21

Today, we are focusing on the hands of our loved ones.  Perfect timing.  Michael has been asking me to teach him the sign language alphabet lately.  I am not sure where he learned that there even was one, but he always wants to know what letters look like "with his hands."  I am sure this all stems back to when he couldn't communicate any other way than his hands.  As a toddler, he made up his own sign language to communicate with us.  I can't believe just this time last year, he still really couldn't talk.  Now...I sometimes find myself wanting to ask him to just be quiet for one minute...but I usually think twice.  :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

joy | day 15

Again, I am really trying to play catch-up!  I am going to have to show some of these assignments out of order.  We have just been soooo crazy busy, that it is hard to make time to not only get the shots, but post them!!!!  So, I have taken a few creative liberties with the assignments (is that the right saying?).  For day 15, we were supposed to take a self portrait of ourselves kissing someone we love.  Well, I don't typically tote around my tripod and remote shutter.  So, I improvised and got some fantastic shots of my little Ryleigh giving Jackson a big ol' smooch!!!  I love the before during and after shots!

Sooo on the photo to see it larger!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

joy | days 12 & 13

We have had QUITE a busy few days!  I am soo behind and am trying to catch up. we go!

Day 12

Today's assignment was to focus on your loved one's eyes.  My children were both lucky enough to inherit my husband's gorgeous eyes.  They are so dark, you can hardly tell where the brown begins. Such soulful eyes are a beautiful beautiful thing.  Here is my baby girl, just casually drinking her milk, and she shoots me a look that nearly knocks me over.  And I get to look into these eyes...all day matter who I look at in my home.  Lucky me.  :)

Day 13

Hooray!  Day 13 is all about routine routine routine.  Well, I am so excited about a NEW routine we are following around here!  Every Monday, Ryleigh and I get to go to her FIRST gymnastics class. At her first visit, she really loved MOST of it.  All except the trampoline...which is soooo funny to me because her FAVORITE activity at home is jumping in her crib or on Michael's bed. She really loved hanging on the bar...but her favorite part was looking in the mirror and making faces!  Hilarious!

Friday, February 11, 2011

joy | day 11

When thinking of our dreams...what we hope for in the many came to mind.  Too many to list.  As I looked at my surroundings while I was thinking of the best answer for today's assignment, it just came to me.  ;)


joy | day 10

Another easy one!  My kiddo's favorite places are unwavering!  Michael's favorite place is and has always been OUTSIDE.  He will go outside and play at anytime of day or night and at any temperature.  AND he never gets too cold or hot.  He just looooves being outside.  Which is a great thing...most of the time.  Except for the months of December, January, and February, that is.  Whew!  We really suffer in those three long months. Literally...Mick and I suffer through the bitter cold at least once a day...just to give Michael his outside fix.  Brrrrrrrr!

As for Ryleigh, her favorite place in the WORLD right now is Michael's bed.  She will jump, play, tumble, and read on it allll day long.  It is also one of the only times of the day that Michael will actually play with we spend a lot of time in there. :)

I love these!  Especially Michael pretending to sleep (and snore) and Ry thinks it is hilarious!


Today is Fabulous Friday!  I have been soooo excited to share one of my latest purchases!  It is a new necklace for this necklace loving mama.  I found it here:

It is a mama bird in her nest with her two eggs.  Behind that are two discs with my kiddos names.  I just love it...and it goes with the earrings I wear everyday.  Check out her is beautiful!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

joy | day 8

A Gift from the Heart

Boy meets girl
Boy and girl date for 5 years
Boy proposes to girl (finally ;))
Boy surprises girl with amazing gift...
delivered to her on their wedding day...
Girl wears them everyday since.

These are the pearl earrings Mickey gave to me on our wedding day.  As I was getting ready, my mom told me that something had come for me.  I was SHOCKED to see the most beautiful little jewelry case and pearl earrings I had ever seen.  I was completely surprised!  I have literally worn them almost everyday since.


joy | day 7

3 generations of Michaels!!

I cheated a's an ooooold photo.  :)

joy | day 6

Trying to catch up after a super busy weekend!  For day 6, we were to capture our loved ones with something/one THEY love.  Well...for anyone who knows my little guy...that was an easy one.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

joy | day 4 four's prompt....what do my loved ones wear?  Where to begin?  Our obsession with shoes?  The winter gear we always have to wear right now?  The wonderful clothing my children wear thanks to super generous grandparents?  The hair clips that can never be too far away?  Or the nothingness that my children are most happy in?  Well...why not all of them?  :)


And in honor of Fabulous Friday, I wanted to share something that I wear.  My grungy, beat-up, year-old slipper which are never far from my feet.  I highly recommend you pick some up.  :)

They may be Ugg-ly...but they are warm and oh-so comfy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

joy | day 3

Ahhh...then and now.  The possibilities are endless!  But today's was a no brainer.  Tonight is Desserts With Daddy night at Michael's school.  The boys got all gussied up and set out on their way.  I quickly snapped a couple shots before they left...with today's post in mind.  :)

Michael and his Daddy :)


simple as that

Yup.  I found yet another project I love and can't wait to do!  It is called "A Month in Photos."  A super easy and cute way to highlight a whole month of photos in one spot.  Then, at the end of the year, print them all and make a book.  I, of course, will be putting them in my Project life book.  I recently purchased extra pages for my album of all different sizes.  I am loving the way it looks! 

Here is my January collage:

I found the idea on one of my favorite


joy | day 2

Day 2 of Joy of Love is all about how your loved ones look.  Well, I decided to do my own little spin on this prompt so that I could not only incorporate it in JofL but also my Project Life.

I love Project Life by Becky HigginsPhotobucket

Day two's post is how Michael "looks" every 2 weeks.  My poor son inherited his mom and dad's rotten ears.  He has ear infections pretty much constantly.  The sad part is, I think the infections are such a regular part of his life that he doesn't even complain about them so we never know when he has one.  He is constantly at the ENT for follow up appointments and then the Doctor finds another.  Michael had tubes put in the time last year, and they are on their way out.  So...looks like we will be headed in the OR for round 2 sometime soon.  Here is my brave little man...scared to the chair...waiting for the doctor who looks in his ears every two weeks.  :(

(Taken with my Droid)

Another post starring my little man and his dad...coming later today!  Can't wait.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Placemats...are here.

Here they are!  
And I think they are pretty darn cute. :)
(see THIS POST if you are curious)

Michael's masterpiece

Ryleigh's creation

I will be posting my Joy photos tomorrow.  :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

joy | day 1 | part 2

After Ryleigh's nap, I took pictures of her doing what she loves to do...jump on Michael's bed.  Everyday.  All day.  That's all she wants to do.  :)

And of course, now that I am a storyboard addict...I made one!

joy | day 1

Today is the first day of the photography class I am taking...Joy of Love.  Day one's assignment is to photograph your loved ones "doing"...doing what they do.  Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing posed, nothing special.  Just what they do.  Today's wasn't hard.