Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter fun :)

Winter is a tough time for us around here.  It is soooo cold outside that we really can't spend a ton of time out there...even though that is our favorite place to be!  We have to find ways to entertain ourselves inside.  That is no easy feat!  Luckily we have many old favorites to keep us happy. 

From the time Michael could move, he has been extremely loving with the puppies.  He has hugged them, laid on them, kissed them, and played with them every day he can.  Today, Michael "took care of JackJack because he needed a little rest."   He gave him his guy and a blanket and snuggled him until he felt better.  :)

Ryleigh on the other hand couldn't really care less about the pups most of the time.  She would much rather spend her time "reading" in her room...which really means making a huuuge mess.  She also loves to play in her crib.  :)

 And of obligatory Gussie shot.  Can't have the other three represented and not him!!!  :)

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Shannon said...

SO adrorable! Love that M3 took care of Jack Jack and Ryleigh's reading habits *sigh* And Gussie :) No words...