Thursday, January 20, 2011

I couldn't help it...

I had to post twice today...these are just too cute to wait.

Lily...kissing "her girl."

The girls!

Playing outside brother like sister.  :)

He loves this thing...even though he is way too big for it!

Ry is starting to be interested in coloring!!  YAY!

Pure talent.

So fun!  (don't you love the mess?)

And the inevitable...eating the crayons.

I love this...Jackson drives the tractors around by the steering wheel!

M3 is always so excited to play with J5s tractors.  


Suzanne said...

Love them all! Lily is so excited in the girls' pictures! So cute!

Shannon said...

Oh I don't know where to begin...the girls are gorgeous, love Ry's artistic abilities, M3 & J5 *sigh* just so in love and LOVE that Jackson drives his tractors around by the steering wheels...I want to come over and play...