Thursday, January 27, 2011

The girls

Lily and Ryleigh are inseparable when we are all together!  I love to see Lily dote all over my sweet little baby.  She absolutely loooves her.  We had a crazy, fun, wild, awesome playdate yesterday before the snow hit.  I made it home just in time...after a 2 hour drive.  ;)

I LOVE this one...the girls creating!  Is it me, or are Ry's legs bigger than Lil's?

Spooning on the couch after nap.  *sigh*

Ryleigh playing dress up!!  (And M3 in the back running around like a crazy man!)

Lily was very good about getting Ryleigh all ready!

And this is what I came home to...LOVE.


Shannon said...

I just don't which picture is my favorite...the one of L&R drawing *sigh* and I love the dress up ones :) And M3 in the background! <3

Suzanne said...

super cute! I am surprised Lily didn't cry herself to sleep after all that Ryleigh time.