Friday, January 28, 2011

Fabulous Friday!!!!

One of the things I am learning is that I am a huge eater of words.  I remember saying all different kinds of things that I would NEVER do once I had Dora the Explorer (which happens to be on while I am typing this even though both kiddos are asleep), use those car grocery carts, allow Michael to ride motorized vehicles...the list goes on and on.  One of these things I was particularly adamant about was playing in the snow.  I do not like cold weather.  I am Hawaiian ;) and I only like warmth.  I remember saying to a good friend of mine that if she took the older kids out in the snow, that I would watch the younger ones inside.  Well, now that I have older kiddos...I LOVE it!  I think I am more excited than they are (almost).  I can't wait to play in it with them!  Even though the time spent getting ready to go out in it is far greater than the actual play Mick's is worth it!  

On this Fabulous Friday, I am highlighting one of my very favorite photoshop/photography blogs.  It is called The CoffeeShop Blog and can be found HERE.  It is written by an amazingly talented woman who shares much of her awesome stuff for FREE.  For this blog post, I used her CoffeeShop Web Storyboard.  I love how it turned out...and it couldn't be easier to use!  Here is a link.  :)

We had such an amazing day in the snow today!!! 

If you have photoshop or elements...check out her site!  You will LOVE her stuff!!
Have a great weekend!!!


Shannon said...

So fun!!! Love all the pictures...esp Ry walking down the street :)

Suzanne said...

Love the collage....wish I could do one! Love the pic of them together.