Friday, January 14, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Each Friday, my plan is to highlight something I consider FABULOUS.  It could be a product rave, a place we've been, something amazing the kids have done, an awesome website, yummy snack/recipe...anything I want to remember!  And possibly share with anyone who may be interested!  Today, I really want to share Becky Higgins' amazing creation called Project Life.  A link to her site where it is all explained by her can be found here:

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

I am LOVING this project so far.  It is really keeping me inspired to not only take pictures of everyday life, but to print said photographs, and actually document the goings on by journaling about them!  I have never really been a journal keeper...this blog is the closest thing to a journal I have kept since I was 14.  But now, I have a designated~predesigned~super cute place to do it! And I am having a blast!  Here are some snapshot of my Project Life experience so far...

This is the box it comes in.  I am using to store everything as I go.

I chose the Amber theme and here is the cover.  Notice the little red knee on the right and two little dinosaur feet on the left.  Two very curious little munchkins!!

Here are some of the contents that come included with the kit.  The pens and paper cutter are mine that I stuck in there so everything is in one place.

Weeks one and two.  LOVE!

Snow Day page!

My little man...pretending a cardboard box is an elevator.  He likes to play "imagine" now.  His words...not mine.  :)


Shannon said...

LOVE it all :) Especially the homemade elevator...reminds me of our imaginations when we were little!

Amy G. said...

love this idea!

Amy said...

What a wonderful idea! The blog looks awesome!