Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall fun!

Life, as you may expect, is crazy right now.....but super fun! I have very little time to update the blog, but I thought I would share some snapshots I took recently. I hope to have the new blog up and running soon...until then...;)

Ryleigh and Sam...they share the same birthday AND are next door neighbors!

Ryleigh in her play gym...before she could smile. :)

Using the pedals!!!

The girls!

Michael, Ryleigh, and I took a lovely trip to the pumpkin farm with great friends.

Ryleigh slept the whole time.

Mommy! Pick me up!

He found the perfect pumpkin!

Sooooo strong!


Suzanne said...

FINALLY!! I love love love it all!!!!

Shannon said...

I LOVE all the new pics!!!! I have missed your blogs/pics!