Monday, August 10, 2009


I finally had the nerve to trim Michael's hair. It had never been cut in front, on the top, or on the sides. We have only cut his "mullet" off twice in his life. He is NOT a haircut lover. Sooo...I did it during dinner this evening! He was great! You can't tell a TON, it was just a trim. I want his hair longish on the top and sides, but the flips in back and above the ears were getting a bit long! Just look at this photo compared to #4 in last week's post!! Oh, and yes, he is sitting in a box. He LOVES those things!

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About Amy Urban said...

Oh Big Boy!
Love it!

CindyWags said...

He looks so sweet! You did a great job!

Suzanne said...

I can totally tell! It looks great!!!