Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are back from the beach and the holiday weekend is over! I finally have a chance to get on and update my blog! We all had such a fantastic time at the beach this year. Every day was spent at the beach, park, and pool. I loooooooove being on vacation with my family! Although we were very ready to come home, I already can't wait to do it again!

My big boy at the park.
Walking with Daddy...
He saw a DOG!! So exciting! He REALLY missed Gussie and JackJack.

Back to the beach!

My precious angel!

Grandmom and Po came to stay too! Off to the beach!

Michael x 3!!

Waaaaaaaay too cool.
Mowing the park's lawn. :)

Gus and Jack were WIPED when we got them home. They always have such a great time at Grandmom and Po's!


Cindy Hersman said...

Looks like such a fun vacation! I need some pics of preggo you though....

About Amy Urban said...

The Michael x3 picture is awesome! Looks like so much fun! I need to know where the park is for my upcoming adventure :) And the puppies...the hair cuts are still so darn cute!

Shannon said...

Love the pics! Especially Mx3 and the close-up of M3 with the hat on :)