Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Bad Mommy and a Couple of Chihuahuas!

Today, Michael took his longest nap for me EVER! He slept for longer than 2 hours! I was very excited for him...especially since his day started at 5:25 am. UGH. Anyhoo, he woke up very hungry and a little fussy. I had to "bribe" him to stay in his chair while I made his lunch, so I tried a trick a friend of mine taught me (you know who you are:)). I put a DVD on the laptop and sat him down at the table! He actually watched it! I was shocked! Oh, and we had Gus and Jack get their summer do-s. Oh boy...who knew there was such a thing as snow white Chihuahuas!!??

M3 and his beloved bear after nap!
Enjoying some lunch while watching Blues Clues!

Yo quiero Taco Bell?

Jack jack (look at his pathetic tail!!)

Gussie (where's your tongue??!)


Shannon said...

I LOVE your chihuahuas! ADORABLE! And Michael - oh em gee...I adore this child! Sooo cute!

About Amy Urban said...

OMG...The dogs are so cute!
I wonder what friend uses the every time :)

Cindy Hersman said...

You had me with the tag line~ too funny! LOVE the first pic of M3 especially.