Sunday, June 28, 2009

The beach!

After some ups and downs, our beach vacation is becoming more and more fun!!! Michael just needed a few days to get used to his new room in order to go to bed willingly. :) We are having a blast at the beach and pool everyday. I am always excited to see what tomorrow brings!

Upon arrival...already wanting to go out there!
Because everyone's balcony needs a good vacuuming!

Michael and Jackson...parallel play at it's best!

Michael and Daddy in the pool!

Playing in the sand
(Yes, I finally caved and bought the Crocs. UGH!)

Ahhhh...lounging on the balcony.

My handsome boy...

Look at his gums! On this vacation, he is cutting 3 teeth. The two lower canines and the back left molar. No wonder he is fussy!


Shannon said...

LOVE the Crocs :) Glad things are getting better!!!!

Amy said...

Finally! CROCS!!!!!
It looks like everyone is having a great time! Michael looks like such a big boy! I love his big boy float!

Suzanne said...

Love the pictures and the Crocs!!!