Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween...Welcome Home...and a Birthday Party!

We had such a fantastic weekend! Friday was Halloween. Michael had a blast! He was super cute and very cooperative in his costume. I was so proud! We went to Grandma and Po's to see the great pumpkin, then to the Halloween parade in our neighborhood. It was awesome! I am so excited to go back year after year. Michael really enjoyed watching all of the kids parade around in their costumes.

On Saturday, we all went to a welcome home party for our dear friends, Kenny and Katie. Michael had a wonderful time being his busy little self! He feels very at home at Brooks' house, so he had lots of fun. :)

Then Sunday...the BIG day! We had a HUGE 1st birthday bash for Michael at our house. A ton of friends and family came to celebrate with us. We are truly blessed. :) Please enjoy looking at the many photos I have included!

The Great Pumpkin...and a monkey!

He was so excited to go to the parade!

Of course...another stick photo.

Watching the kids at the parade.

Playing ball with Kenny!
(and Marshall)

Happy Birthday!

He wasn't too sure about the cake...
...but was all too happy to feed it to me!

Check out Brooks in this picture...I HAD to include it!

Playing with one of the many wonderful birthday gifts he received!


About Amy Urban said...

How Fun! He is so sweet!

Unknown said...

Happy First Birthday, Michael! You are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Had a blast at the party :) He is the cutest!!!

Suzanne said...