Monday, October 20, 2008

We love fall!

Michael and I had such a nice fall day today. Grandmother came over early and we went shopping. After nap, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!! We pulled out the wagon and some toys and had a fantastic time! Before bath, we pulled out the good old Hallmark store toys and had a blast. Thank goodness for those things, he loves them!!!

He can clap now!!
(He looks so serious because he is intently watching
the mail truck)

Michael WILL NOT wear hats.

NO hats!!
(but seriously how cute would that look?)

Both of these toys came from the Hallmark Store.
They both sing and dance...then so does Michael. :)


Suzanne said...

Hmm.....I thought I had one of those trees too.......have no idea where it is. LOVE the mail truck picture. He is super cute in that jacket and jeans!

Anonymous said...

Love love love!!!

About Amy Urban said...

Super Cute!