Friday, October 10, 2008

It's about time!

FINALLY! Grandmother and Granddad are HOME! We all missed them so much. Lily, Michael, Jackson, Suzanne, and I spent the whole day there. It was soooooooo much fun. It's funny, because for the rest of the day I was in a purely joyful and peaceful mood. It is amazing how family can make you feel that way. I love you all!

I hope everyone enjoys these shots of the kids as much as I enjoy taking them!

Lily and her boys!

My gorgeous niece and her bubbles

I just don't think Jackson could be any cuter!This is Michael's face when an airplane flies overhead.
He makes the sound "Ooooooooo!!"

Our sweet boys.

I love this one!


I couldn't love her any more than I do

The boys!


Anonymous said...

There are no words...

Amy said...

Those boys are so sweet! Lily is getting so big!