Monday, August 25, 2008

Much better!

Thankfully, last night was much better for Michael. The tooth still hasn't broken through, but he had a normal night's sleep. PHEW. No excessive wake-ups. :) Teething still stinks...he has been a little short tempered all morning and was ready for a nap after an hour of being awake. But, we still had some fun!

How sad it this?! I keep that gate up so Michael can't get to the dog's bowls!

Michael and his sea of play tables.
Now that he pulls up, he is much more interested in them. :)

I guess it is true what they say,they love the boxes!


Anonymous said...

The box picture is the absolute BEST!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you given him pain reliever before bed time? I love all of the pics. I left some comments on some older ones. Amy's son doesn't look too much like Chris, does he? :)

Shannon said...

Love the pics! I adore the little cutie! Can't wait to see him in person!

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison, Fannon forwarded me your blog, LOVE IT. I wanted to tell you about this homeopathic stuff that we used for Sammie when he was teething and it was a godsend. We got it from Target, its by Gentle Natures (or something like that-has winnie the pooh and friends on it) Homeopathic teething drops, they also make tablets, we have tried both, but Sammie seemed to like the drops better. Your boy is getting so big!!!!