Monday, July 14, 2008

WHOA! What a weekend...

Well, we cut our trip to OC short. I can deal with getting up at 5am...but Thursday morning, Michael woke up at 4am. He wouldn't go back down. We ended up packing up that night ad driving home during bedtime. Womp womp. Oh well. We will try again next year.

On Saturday, Mick and I went to a wedding and Michael spent the night at Grandmother and Granddad's house. They said he did GREAT! Thank goodness!

Now that we are home, and life it finally getting back to normal, I will resume my role of photographing Michael's life and posting about it here. :) Some exciting developments have happened recently...he can go from crawling to sitting up, he points, and he can climb up one step! I will try to get them all on "film"!!


Shannon said...

So exciting! I have been suffering from post withdrawals!

Anonymous said...

I have been suffering as well. But I am only going to tell you this one more time....I do NOT like learning things for the first time on the blog!!!!! Pick up the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)