Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mixed Vegetables

Yum, right?! Gerber makes a stage 2 food called "Mixed Vegetables". It is mashed up peas, spinach, and carrots. And it is the yuckiest green color you can imagine! Michael LOVED it at dinner tonight. Go figure! I had to snap a couple of shots of the MESS. In the first picture, Michael is making a face identical to one Mick made at the same age. His parents called it the "cheetah" face. Sooo cute!!!


Anonymous said...

That was Lily's favorite too!!! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

How cute! If he gets that messy now, just wait till he holds the spoon!!!

Shannon said...

Love the cheetah face! Glad he enjoyed the mixed veggies!!! Looking forward to our next lunch date!!!!