Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, we are trying very hard to catch up on our sleep (after the loooong weekend). Lat night, Michael went down at his normal time (6 pm) but fought going to sleep BIG TIME. It was brutal. That is what being over tired does to him! Once he was down, he slept great. Only one wake up (3:30) and then up for the day at 7!! NICE! He took a big ol' nap from 9:44-11:10 (I am keeping track of all sleep now). Then, we went to big boy Gymboree. He is now sleeping again (after fighting his afternoon nap). Hopefully, he will get some more much-needed rest. Now that he is 7 months, we are trying to get to a two nap day. It will be much better...for both of us. All of this transitioning is just one more reminder to me of how quickly my little boy is growing up. I cannot believe he is 7 months old!!! I took this photo of him today in his former favorite thing...the Jumperoo. I don't think it has much life left in it...he gets too bored, too quickly! BOO!

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