Monday, June 30, 2008

WHOA! What a weekend!

The Wist family had quite a busy weekend! We hung Michael's swing...went for a walk with the pups...and celebrated Father's Day with Mick's parents...all in two days!! While at the Wist's house, Michael tried cool whip for the first time. Naturally, he loved it! He only had a teeny tiny bit...given to him in Mick's baby spoon! Now that he is eating solid food, feeding him has definitely become more fun. I am realizing how difficult it is to post on these busy weekends!!!

Two teeth!

Mick and the pups on our walk


Cool Whip!


Happy Fathers Day, Po!

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Shannon said...

So in love! :) And Cool Whip...a boy after my own heart! Glad you had so much fun this weekend! :)