Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So many changes!

Well, we officially have a scooter! Michael can basically army crawl wherever he wants. It definitely changes things. We will have to baby proof this house ASAP. I am talking sharp corners, dog bowls, fireplace...UGH! As I was typing, he got himself into this mess!

We also started Level 2 at Gymboree this morning! It was SOOOO different than the "baby" class. He gets to crawl all over the equipment and mats. He is, again, the youngest in his class. Oh well, now we get to see what he will be able to do in the upcoming months! We already know someone in the class...one of Michael's first friends, Hannah. She was in the baby class for a few weeks when we started. Her mom cannot believe how BIG Michael is! He was just a little tiny baby when Hannah moved up to Level 2. I can't wait to see how much he changes because of this class!

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Shannon said...

LOVE it! He will be walking and talking before you know it!