Monday, June 23, 2008


We are home from a fantastic, yet crazy busy, weekend in Ocean City Hon! Michael and I left early Saturday and arrived in the early afternoon (Mick came later). The kids played in the pool while Michael and Jack enjoyed some play time in the shade. It was so nice to hang out with the family! The next day, (after awaking at 5 am) we spent the afternoon at the boardwalk, then back to Carole's for more family fun. We came home today (after awaking at 4:53 am) and are all EXHAUSTED. I am still waiting on some photos from Aunt Suzanne (hint hint). Here is one of Michael, chillin in his stroller, enjoying the boardwalk for the first time!

The fact that Michael stayed in his stroller for a while is HUGE. He has been on a stroller strike for a while now. BUT, the Bjorn is getting quite heavy, so I am thrilled! He even stayed in it while Mick and I ate!!!

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Shannon said...

I love this child! And you are not allowed to go away again because I look forward to the posts and pics too much! I feel as if I am living back in Fla since we never see each other! :( Looking forward to Thursday!