Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Second post today!

Michael and I had so much fun outside today! The weather is beautiful, so I am trying to "play" outside as much as I can. It is way too nice to be indoors. I like to bring the excersaucer out there so he can have a nice view of everything and he is contained. He is moving sooo much now that I cherish every small moment of containment I can get! After that, we played on the parachute. He LOVED it! He is currently obsessed with grass. He likes to feel it and study it. I have several pics from today...I couldn't choose just 2!!

At first he wasn't sure...

Then, he picked it by the handful!

Big brother Gus kept a watchful eye.

Parachute fun!

My pretty hydrangea!


Shannon said...

Ok, so you know which one is my favorite, right?! The one with his feet in the air of course! Love these pics, love the parachute! And cute?! Oh, and the hydrangea is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the feet in the air! You have to frame it!