Friday, June 27, 2008

Road Trip to Red Lion, PA :)

Michael and I had a wonderful day today! We hopped in the car and went up to Red Lion, PA to visit with dear friends of mine, Kaye, Amy, and Heidi...and ALL the kids!!! Elise, Natalie, Braden, Zachary, and Michael had a playdate! It was great to have all the kids together. They are all at such different stages! We had a terrific day of play, chatter, yummy subs, and even yummier brownies! God bless Heidi for letting all of us invade her home. I am sure they all took a HUGE nap after we left. Thankfully, Michael slept the entire way up and back. PHEW! Here are some cute shots from the day.

Sweet sisters, Elise and Natalie

Elise, artist extraordinaire

Heidi and Braden

Zachary...and his dimple!

Michael in the swing! Thanks, Kaye!

Swinging Natalie



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Unknown said...

I love your blog! Now I can keep up the the latest Wist news. Thanks for letting me join your club! It was so nice to see you both today!
Love ya,